COVID-19 Protocol

MFA Phased Reopening Protocol

We remain committed to the health and safety of our fencers and our coaches. In order to go forward with individual lessons and, eventually, small group classes, we have put a number of protocols in place:

  • Facemasks are required for all students.
    • This must be a properly made fabric mask, which excludes makeshift masks from bandanas or other loose face coverings.
    • Note that fabric must be breathable in order to be worn during physical activity. You do not need a thicker filtered mask, since we will all be wearing lighter masks that will prevent any asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus.
    • If you need a mask, they can be purchased from Rambling Fitness, a local business partner, for $5. Email to order.
    • Unless you have previously discussed accommodations with Coach Grayson, there will be no exceptions to this rule; if a student arrives without an appropriate facemask, they will not be able to participate in the lesson/class.
    • To accommodate wearing facemasks, warm-ups will be significantly lighter. During drilling and bouting, facemasks will be placed inside fencing mask during drills and bouts to prevent anoxia.
  • Students’ temperature will be checked with an infrared thermometer upon entering the building.
  • Students must immediately sanitize their hands upon entering the building with either hand sanitizer (when available) or washing their hands. One of the bathroom doors will remain open at all times purely for handwashing, as to reduce contamination through door handles.
  • Students who do not yet have their own gear will be lent a jacket, mask, and glove.
    • Weapons and body cords will continue to be communal, but will be sanitized after each use.
  • Only 10 people total will be allowed in the building.
  • Parents may only drop-off/pick-up students.
    • To help maintain sanitation, we ask that parents do not come into the building at this time.
    • If you need to speak with Coach Grayson or any of the other staff, please send us an e-mail or text her at 540-447-4853 so that we can communicate accordingly.
  • All seating will be removed.
  • The water fountain will be closed.
    • Fencers are encouraged to bring a filled water bottle with them.
    • We will have bottled water for purchase for $1.
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