Membership Fees

Keeping the sport affordable, while at the same time running a self-sustaining organization, is at the heart of our fee structure. Members of MFA pay a nominal annual fee to support administrative tasks of the club, and monthly tuition for group classes and facility access. NOTE: Those students enrolled only in the Little Pirates or Home School program are not required to pay the annual membership fee. Equipment is included in the fees for our Little Pirates and Adult class, and our very beginning youth fencers.  Financial assistance is available to help youth fencers moving through Level 1 and 2 purchase the required equipment.

The annual membership fee is due upon joining the club and yearly thereafter on the member’s anniversary date.  Upon paying the annual membership fee, fencers in our Level 1 and Level 2 programs will receive a club t-shirt or other club designed item. New fencers in Level 1 will also receive a fencing glove.

Payment of monthly tuition is due on the 1st of the month by cash or check. If you are paying by cash, please attach a note so we can credit the correct account.  We also offer an auto-draft option for those who find it more convenient. If for any reason you are having difficulty paying your fees on time, please email to work out an arrangement. Our current fee schedule is as follows:

Little Pirates and Home School Class:

Fees are based on the number of classes in the session and payable upon enrollment.  All equipment is provided and there are no additional membership fees.

All other programs:

Annual Fees

Youth Membership Initial Membership first year $80 (includes t-shirt & glove)

Renewal $75 (includes t-shirt)

Adult Membership Initial and Renewal $45

Monthly Fees*

Level 1 Tuition:   $110 per month or pre-pay** 3 months for $300

Level 2 Tuition: $120 per month or pre-pay** 3 months for $330

Level 3 Tuition: $140 per month or pre-pay** 3 months for $390

Adult Class Tuition:   $55 / mo (includes equipment)

Open Fence Only: $40 / mo (must have own equipment for this membership)

*Sibling Discount:  Youth sibling members get 50% off of monthly tuition.  

**Pre-pay discount:  Members in our level 1, 2 and 3 program paying for 3 months tuition at a time either by cash, check or bank draft, will receive a discount as stated above. Please note, there are no refunds for this option. If you pay for 3 months and stop fencing before the 3 months have passed for anything other than medical reasons, you will forfeit your remaining tuition.   

In addition to our membership and tuition fees, all members are required to maintain at minimum a non-competitive membership with USA Fencing, our governing body. All level 2  fencers are encouraged to have a full competitive USA Fencing membership to allow for competition at sanctioned events. Level 3 fencers are required to have a full competitive USA Fencing membership.

To make our program accessible to anyone wanting to participate, we offer financial assistance through our scholarship program, and work-trade.  Please contact the office for more information about these programs.

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