Fencing and Coaching Clinic

Chris Spencer, Head Coach of Haverford’s NCAA team and Instructor for the USFCA Coaches’ Academy, is hosting a clinic at MFA. In his nearly thirty years of national coaching experience, Coach Spencer has transformed NCAA programs, developed Junior Olympians, and founded his own fencing club in Amherst, MA.

This clinic is for fencers of all levels and coaches-in-training. The clinic consists of two sessions a day Nov 23rd and 24th. It would cover topics such as “Foundational Technical Theory” and “The Unity of Theory & Practice” that would enhance fencers and coaches of all levels. 

The clinic fee for the first ten paid preregistrations is $100 for both days or $75 for one day. Fees are $125 for both days or $100 for one day for preregistrations after the first ten.

Preregistration opens on 11/06/2019.
Preregistration closes on 11/22/2019.

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