Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Level 2 – Early Competitive (Ages 9+)

Level 2 is our early competitive program for youth and is available to all students who pass the level 1 skills test. Generally, students advance to this level after 3-12 months in our Level 1 program. At this level, students may start fencing epee.

Enrollment in this program includes:

  • Weekly group classes in any number of weapons. As a member you may take as many Level 2 group classes as you like.
  • Open Fencing
  • 1 free private lesson a month

Fencers in level 2 are not required to compete, but all training will be towards that purpose. Likewise, fencers need not wait until advancing to level 2 to begin competing. We encourage competition whenever a fencer feels ready, regardless of how long they have been with the sport. Talk to a coach if you have any questions.

Fencers entering Level 2 are required to own a fencing jacket, mask, plastron, and glove. After 3 months in Level 2, fencers will be required to own a pair of knickers, 2 weapons, and 2 body cords. MFA is committed to eliminating financial barriers to fencing. If you need assistance with equipment purchases, please contact the office.

Level 3 – Competitive

Level 3 is our most competitive program and is available to students ages 9 to adult with coach approval. This program is for the dedicated fencer, including those with the potential goal of fencing in college.

Enrollment in this program includes:

  • Weekly group classes in any number of weapons. As a member you may take as many Level 3 group classes as you like.
  • Open Fencing
  • Gear Storage at the club
  • 2 free private lessons a month

Fencers in Level 3 are expected to compete regionally with some national level events. Classes at this level will include high level bouting exercises, video review, and physical preparation. Each fencer will work with a coach to design an individual season plan.

Fencers at this level are expected to own all of their own equipment, and have a working knowledge of equipment repair.

Open Fencing Only

Open Fencing Only is available for members with their own equipment who are not interested in group classes. This allows you to attend our Open Fence practices. Please note that Open Fence practice times are open to all ages and included for free for those enrolled in group classes.

Fencers choosing Open Fencing Only are required to provide all of their own equipment.

For Open Fencing, full gear is required, including plastron, knickers, and long socks.

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