Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Level 2:

This advanced class is a significant step up in conditioning and training. Students are expected to dedicate time outside of class times to mastering the skills introduced in drills. Members at this level are encouraged to compete in local tournaments to better prepare and understand themselves as a fencer. Below includes an overview of the staple footwork and bladework that will be taught (noting that some actions will be reserved for foil class) as well as the tactical basis. 

    • Footwork: Building footwork phrases, accelerated foot tempo, slide, fleche, esquive, duck
    • Bladework: Absence of blade and active bladework, parries prime, coupes, counter time and introduction to infighting.
    • Tactical: Separating hand and foot tempo, constructing bout strategy, in depth study of “moments-to-go” choosing hold vs. beat blade actions and creating surprise.

Level 3:

Fencers at this level are actively competing on the divisional and national level. Many are rated or nationally ranked fencers on the competitive track. 

    • Footwork: Advanced footwork actions such as drop and floated lunges, tempo changes inside footwork, controlling the bout space and development of accelerated footwork actions.
    • Bladework: Using deceptive bladework to set up finishing actions, lost hand tempo, and angulated attacks.
    • Tactical: Using the different areas of the strip, bout psychology, tourney prep and situational bouting. Constructing and using a fencing journal, analyzing types of fencers and development of personal areas of excellence.

Open Fencing Only

Open Fencing Only is available for members with their own equipment who are not interested in group classes. This allows you to attend our Open Fence practices. Please note that Open Fence practice times are open to all ages and included for free for those enrolled in group classes.

Fencers choosing Open Fencing Only are required to provide all of their own equipment.

For Open Fencing, full gear is required, including plastron, knickers, and long socks.

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