Head Coach: Chris Leclerq, Prevot Epee/Moniteur Foil

Chris started fencing in 2007 at the University of Montana. After fencing for a year, he was asked by Laura Lee to start working at Missoula Fencing Association. In 2014, he was offered a job at Northwest Fencing Center in Portland, OR. Working there, he earned his Prevot of Epee and Moniteur of Foil. After 4 years, he moved back to Missoula to rejoin MFA. In his free time, Chris loves board games, cycling, and old movies.


Director: Laura Lee

Laura takes care of the business end of the fencing club.  When not working on fencing club activities, Laura is a contract management accountant, specializing in small business and not-for-profit organizations.  Laura also began fencing competitively in 2015 and enjoys the camaraderie and challenge of the sport. She finds fencing a great way to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. In addition to fencing, Laura enjoys many outdoor activities, reading and home improvement projects.

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