The Sport of Fencing

Why Fence?

  • Fencing develops good core, leg and arm strength.
  • Fencers have good coordination, balance, and precision.
  • Fencing builds thinking skills: quick responses, impulse control, problem solving.   
  • Fencing provides unmatched opportunities for developing individual strength and building character through challenge and competition.
  • Fencing is a sport that honors good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, empathy, and creativity.
  • Fencing is a lifetime sport with competitive opportunities for all ages.
  • Other really nice people fence!

The Weapons

Foil, epee and saber are the three weapons used in the sport of fencing. While some fencers compete in all three events, most fencers choose to focus their energies on mastering one weapon. MFA specializes in foil and epee.

Levels of Fencing

Recreational Fencing: Those who enjoy fencing and want to develop physical skills and fence for fun. Typically they train once a week and do the occasional local tournament for variety.

Competitive Fencing-Local: This is for fencers who want to compete on a limited basis in the local area (within 3 hour drive). On average, they train two days a week, and will need a basic set of electric equipment.

Competitive Fencing-Regional: Fencers who are interested in regional competitions (typically within a 6-10 hour drive) should train two to three days a week. These fencers will need electric equipment and should have several weapons, plus some basic tools to check and do minor adjustments on those weapons.

Competitive Fencing-National: For fencers interested in fencing at the national level, the training requirements are a minimum of three to four times a week, depending on the goal. Fencers seeking a top 16 ranking need to regularly fence quality events against good opponents as often as possible. These fencers need multiple weapons for each weapon they fence. They should have basic test and repair equipment to take on trips. A financial commitment is required to send the child to national level events including airfare, hotel, registration fees, coach’s fees, rental car, etc.

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